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After the huge success of the 2018 Symposium, the “Économie Internationale De La Longévité” EIDLL Network, the “Transitions démographiques, Transitions économiques” Chair and their partners are pleased to announce the call for papers for the second symposium to be hosted in Paris on the July 9th 2019.

“What is an optimal ageing policy considering demography and economics?”

Productive ageing is a sociological concept introduced by Robert Butler in 1985 to refer to the various activities that old people engage in. This work contributes to their own health, families, communities, and societies. The social contract in our ageing societies could be inspired from the social norm in southeast Asia where elderly benefit from their children’s support and provide them in return with various forms of assistance.

The demographic transition of the XXIst century is an opportunity to stop considering elders as a burden and more like forceful seniors improving our and their future.

The elderly benefit from a later age of loss of autonomy and more and more over 60-year-old are active seniors. These changes lead us to reconsider the sustainability of pension systems and the intergenerational equity. Productive ageing could be an efficient tool, whether it concerns paid or unpaid social activities, charity and economic activities. However productive ageing does not only require seniors’ individual capacity but also institutional capacities.

These evolutions should be taken into consideration by policy makers to define an optimal ageing policy by considering the demographic and economic conditions.

This call for papers invites proposals from policy-makers, institutional leaders and managers, as well as researchers, on topics relevant to the conference. Proposals may consider issues at the international, national, institutional, or sub-institutional level.

The themes covered may include:

- Demographic changes

- The sustainability of the pension system

- Working and ageing

- Loss of autonomy and health care policies

- Intergenerational transfers

- Productive ageing and social activity

Submission Details:

- Submission Deadline May the 20th, 2019. Please submit papers, in English or French, (However, presentations can be done in researcher’s native language). Please includeAbstract, Keywords and applicable theme(s) from the list provided.

- Papers must be submitted to:

- Please for further details, contact Sophie Parisel:

- Results notified by June the 5th, 2019.

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